VPURE™ and VPURE™+ are products produced by Largo Resources, which operates the Maracás Menchen Mine in Brazil.

Amongst the highest-grade known deposits of vanadium.
One of the lowest-cost producers of V2O5 globally.
Reliable source of
vanadium production.

Largo Resources’ vision is to become a leading, world-class mining company focused on responsible development and strategic growth, while maintaining the respect of investors, employees, customers and partner communities.

How are our products produced?

Vanadium at the Maracás Menchen Mine is contained within massive titaniferous magnetite and possesses very low levels of contaminants.

Ore from the mine is crushed, milled, and sent through a magnetic separator to create a concentrate. This concentrate is then processed into vanadium pentoxide, high-purity vanadium or vanadium powder. It is then bagged or packed into barrels for sale. Largo uses only industry-proven equipment and processes to produce vanadium.

Full Service Solution for Vanadium Consumers

Largo implements numerous checks to ensure that product quality of its products are never compromised during production.
With very low impurities, Largo’s products are a preferred choice for vanadium consumers.
We adopt a proactive approach to presales and aftersales – Largo’s sales representatives stay in contact with the customer to ensure that the product has been received in good order.